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Dr. Scott Brown

Scott Brown is Investment U’s Education Director and a professor of finance at the University of Puerto Rico. He holds a Ph.D. in finance from the University of South Carolina, and is an active researcher in market micro-structure, corporate finance, behavioral finance and bonds. Scott has more than 17 years of experience as a business owner-manager, real estate investor, retail futures trader, retail futures options trader, and stock investor. He’s also the author of numerous wealth building articles and books, and is a top-rated speaker at financial conferences around the world.

Dr. Brown specializes in teaching stock investing because he emphasizes, ” the stock market is where individuals and families have the best shot at succeeding financially!” However, he also has extensive experience as a futures trader, options trader, business entrepreneur and real estate investor. He is uniquely qualified to guide our readers. For over twenty years he has studied every nook and cranny of existing investing knowledge, including arcane historical accounts of successful and unsuccessful stock investors. He has studied thousands of books and articles on the subject and, over time, noticed that not only is there a simple secret of investing in the markets that is timeless, but that Wall Street doesn’t want you to know it. The x-ray glasses that Dr. Brown gives his students allows them to look at the markets in exactly the same way as “in the know” investors who have amassed great wealth over the centuries – unlike many investors who are kept in the dark, routinely becoming targets for the slick suited full service brokers of Wall Street.



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